• Our Approach
    Our Approach
    We provide comprehensive treatment
    of your pain using the most advanced
    treatments available.
  • Results Driven
    Results Driven
    Our goal is to relieve your pain
    so that you can get back to those
    things that you love doing.
  • We Care
    We Care
    We strive to develop individualized
    treatment plans in a supportive
    compassionate environment.

Sandhills Pain Specialists Lexington SC

Comprehensive Treatment of Acute and Chronic Pain

At Sandhills Pain Specialists Lexington SC we offer comprehensive treatment of acute and chronic pain, employing the most advanced treatments available. We emphasize excellence in patient care. Our utmost focus is always on patient safety. We vow to take the time to listen to all your concerns and answer all questions. One of our goals is that you never feel rushed through an office visit.

We Strive to Provide an Accurate, Timely Diagnosis

Pain is a complex condition that can manifest in dissimilar patterns through a range of distinct mechanisms. We strive to provide an accurate, timely diagnosis along with comprehensive recommendations on how to best treat your pain. Each patient is unique, and each treatment plan is individualized to best meet your specific needs and clinical situation. We are outcome driven. Rest assure that any treatment recommendation given is designed to produce results, namely pain reduction and improved function.

We understand that living with pain is very difficult. It can be frustrating, and it can often significantly impact one’s quality of life. In a supportive and compassionate manner, we make every effort to treat and reduce your pain so that you can get back to doing those things that you love doing.

Considering the ongoing opioid crisis in the United States, we endeavor to treat pain responsibly.

Pain Specialists

Frequently Asked Questions

Pain Management is a field of medicine that focuses on the non-operative treatment of pain. Treatment options may include doing nothing, a steroid injection like an epidural, physical therapy, and / or treatment with medication. If surgery is warranted, then appropriate referrals will be made.

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